A bloggy milestone

A milestone today: this is our 1,400th post since the blog commenced in December 2012. That’s a total of something approaching a million words; some of them foolish ones, no doubt, but including, it seems to me, a lot of valuable discussion on world politics and related matters.

Coincidentally it comes just as Melbourne emerges from more than two months of Covid-induced lockdown. So it’s a good time to take stock and think about all of our plans for the future.

I’m interested in broadening the range of the blog, at least in some respects; I’ve been doing a bit more philosophical work recently, and it’d be good to share some of that. I’d also like to vary the length and tone of posts more, rather than have each post gravitate towards a standard op-ed length – as they generally seem to do despite my best intentions.

I realise that (as with most things) there’s a trade-off between quality and quantity. Without planning any major changes, I feel that maybe it’s erred recently on the side of striving for a polished product, taking up time that could better be spend in casting the net wider. And freeing up time for me to pursue other projects will in turn (I hope) feed new and interesting content back into the blog.

You the reader, of course, may see things differently, in which case please let me know. What are you particularly happy or unhappy with in what we’ve been doing lately? What would you like to see more or less of, whether as to style or subject matter? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the whole enterprise. And if you have friends or contacts that you think would be interested in the sort of things we talk about, don’t hesitate to point them in this direction.

The end of lockdown and the spread of vaccination also raises the possibility of travel in the not-so-distant future, so look forward to some on the spot reporting before long. There’s much that is ominous and disturbing about today’s world, but there are wonderful things happening as well, and the opportunity to get out and see more of them can only be good for all of us.

Above all, best wishes to everyone and thank you for coming along this far!

11 thoughts on “A bloggy milestone

  1. Charles it is hard for me to guide you as to what changes (if any) you should (or should not) make. I am certain, knowing you, that any changes or deviations will be for the better because of your consistent desire to remain informative and your topics are always likely to be chosen from fields that are both interesting and important.[1]

    What I can tell you is it what I value about what you already do. I appreciate that :
    * your pieces are ALWAYS balanced, thoughtful and informative;
    * you always try to draw wider, rather than just simple, conclusions from the matters you post on;
    * you often post links to previous posts that show the consistency of the issues you address and your views on how to address them;
    * You also often provide links that enable us to dig deeper and see other thoughtful contributions on these issues;
    * though, naturally, the matters you comment upon force us to identify and address current failings in the world you rarely drawing excessively gloomy (or partisan) conclusions and you do call out when others do;
    * your body of work appears to show up as a thoughtful, well considered and consistent approach to these matters.

    So my advice is keep those things up while definitely mixing up the style, length etc . And definitely reach into other topics (including philosophy which I consider a very much underdiscussed and misunderstood topic) especially those where the matters discussed above can most come into play.

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for, or if it even helps, but I hope it does.

    PS: Most importantly keep up the good work it is very much appreciated.

    [1] (Weil unless it just turns into a train spotters blog – that might limit the attractiveness to others)

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    1. Charles, I am not much of a blog expert. In fact, this is the only one I consistently read. Chris Murphy in his comments above outlined pretty well the reasons why I read it and value it. (though I would add the elegant clarity of the writing itself is also a big drawcard)
      In the words of Oliver Twist: More Please
      (As to more of what, I trust your judgement)

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  2. I would endorse the comments above. I find always I learn something from your posts: either information about the political situation in a country little covered by the mainstream media or an interesting perspective on a current issue in the news. I value high quality writing and I tend to think that posts that show some reflection on an issue are likely to be more worthwhile than posts that are just an immediate reaction to an event. I would be happy for you to cast your net more widely and cover some philosophical issues.

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  3. Thanks Charles, I think I’ve been here since day one, rarely if ever comment but always enjoy.

    I’m looking forward to you increasing your scope, and I would happily accept a lower level of polish on your posts in return for more of them.

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